Wine with Cake:

No wine in the world exudes as many aromas of ripe fruit,Cake flowers and spices (cardamon, clove, cinnamon, star anise …) as the Gewurztraminer of Alsace. A sweet and fragrant touch that delights cookies, cakes and cookies. With the traditional kougelhopf (and other brioche desserts), opt for the most festive of wines of Alsace. They are made to agree; The sparkling cream of Alsace responds to the softness of the Kougelhopf, both sharing aromas of brioche and toasted almonds.


For agreements without false notes, always prefer regional agreements. To do this, select a wine from Cheesesthe same region as the cheese. For example, if you opt for the Ossau Iraty cheese from the south-west of France, choose a Juran├žon, a Buzet or a dry Bergerac.

With a Sauternes: Sweet wines such as Sauternes combine particularly well with blue-veined cheeses. The aromas of honey, and candied fruit of this Bordeaux wine contrast with the power of a Roquefort or an Ambert’s Fourme and bring a little sweetness to the cheeses. Parsley cheeses, for their part, accentuate the roundness of sweet wines

With a Sancerre: Opt for a white Sancerre, its fresh and lively citrus aromas will be perfect with a dry goat, such as a Sainte-Maure de Touraine, a dung of Chavignol or Selles-sur-Cher.

With a Gewurztraminer: With its rose and lychee aromas, the Gewurztraminer will accompany a munster wonderfully by subtly highlighting its softness.

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