mixed saladMixed Salad:

It is a dish that can be consumed throughout the year.

Here is our selection of the best wines that can be combined with the mixed salad. To give the salad composed with a wine we advise you: Touraine primeur rosé, Rosé de Loire, Loire Valley rosé, Tursan rosé and Beaujolais Jullié rosé nouveau.

Sea Fruit Salad:

With oysters For you, it is obvious: oysters = muscadet. Obviously, the association works, “but it’s always the same recommendation”. Do not hesitate to try new weddings. The hollow oyster, like Gilardeau or Fine de Claire, has a slightly greasy texture. Tune it with a salty and very mineral wine like a Rias Baixas, produced in Galicia, in the north of Spain. You can also opt for a Mâcon-Azé. Rich and somewhat greasy, it brings out the sharp side of the oysters. Are you in a festive mood? Unwrap a bottle of champagne! The bubbles underline the aroma of the molluscs, provided that it is chosen raw. Forget the whites of whites and sweeter wines: they do bad things with iodineSea Fruit Salad

With shells 80 shells, 50 clams, fishing was good! Stuffed with parsley butter or cooked alla vongole, the cooked shells are fleshy and delicate. Serve them with rich, structured white wines that line the inside of the mouth, like wines from the Rhone Valley. Turn to a young Condrieu or a Lirac. A little fat without being too alcolux, they took advantage of the sun. Result, wines ample and long. Raw shells are more difficult to associate. Small and very iodized, they risk being dull next to a wine a little structured. Prefer bubbles! A dry champagne or white prosecco emphasizes their freshness and their gourmet side. Most? These wines renew the taste buds: enough to break the sickening side of raw molluscs.

With Crab The texture of the crab is rather greasy. Take the opposite! It blends perfectly with lively and sunny wines, which will make to forget its acid side. The solution: choose wines produced at high altitude, such as the Chignin Bergeron. Coming from Savoie, it highlights the aromas of the crab. You can also turn to a Chardonnay from the south of Languedoc, cultivated in the Piedmont Pyrenees. Its menthol and floral side reveals the flesh of a meal. The ideal accompaniment? “Butter half-salt, rye bread and a good mayonnaise”.

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